Dressage facilities

Dos Lunas” is the optimum location for the dressage horse at the highest level. Our facilities are:

  • 70×30 mts. indoor arena for top-level competition and social club.
  • 70×30 mts. exterior course for competition.
  • 10 boxes of 4×4 mts., 24 boxes of 3,5×3,5 m. and 10 semi-shade corrals of 8×4 mts. , paddocks…, in summary everything that a high performance horse needs, including Horse Dryer.
  • Röwer & Rub horsewalker of 19 mts in diameter.
  • All weather course with the German technology of the company Dammann of 19 mts. in diameter.

In all our course we have installed the Risohorse® riding surface technology by Dammann. It is a very exclusive and innovative system with a high-grade system solution for the riding surface, keeping always the same texture and consistency.

In short the Club focuses its activity in the high competition horses preparation that are care with the dedication that they require.

If we had to describe the resort, we could define it the “Club Dos Lunas” like the Valderrama of Polo and Dressage, highlighting the exclusiveness quality image, the excellence and the exhaustive care of all details.

The project of the club is already becoming the “headquarters” during the celebration of the summer Polo tournaments in Santa María Polo Club, of high handicap polo teams that requiring a maximum standard of quality in facilities and tranquility for their preparation for the competition. In Dressage the Club is the home for great riders and horses as well as their exclusive Clinics with the best worldwide riders and coaches who teach few and lucky riders.

Picadero cubierto


Interior de las cuadras

Exterior de las cuadras
Pista exterior de 70x30m